What Is A Tanker Endorsement And Why Do You Need One?

Friday, February 16th, 2024

Bulk freight truckers require more than other truck drivers. This is why they are harder to hire within the industry, though there has been a shortage of truckers of all skill levels in recent years. For a trucker to be considered for bulk transport jobs, they must have a tanker endorsement. Here is what you need to know about this certification and what it could mean for your career.

The basics of tanker endorsements (and getting one)

A tanker endorsement is a special addition to a CDL (commercial driver’s license) that allows the driver to operate a tanker. It shows that they have been trained to work with hazardous gaseous and liquid materials in bulk. There are a few different types of tanker endorsements that allow truckers to transport various hazardous materials.

  • The H Endorsement (HME): This is required for truckers who transport hazardous waste that is corrosive, reactive, or toxic.
  • The N Endorsement: This endorsement is needed for truckers that move flammable and combustible liquids, corrosives, or poisonous materials in tankers, as well as food-grade materials.
  • The P Endorsement: This endorsement allows truckers to move liquids or gases in bulk, including non-hazardous liquids or gases.
  • The X Endorsement: This is required for truckers who transport a combination of cargo types, like hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

For dry bulk materials, an endorsement is not typically required. However, some cargo types will require the H, P, or T endorsements even if they are dry bulk materials. The T endorsement is a general certification that allows any trucker to haul multiple trailers.

How to obtain a tanker endorsement

Depending on the endorsement you are trying to add to your CDL, you will have to pass a written knowledge test and possibly a driving test. Also, there are certain base requirements that you must possess as well, including a Class A, B, or C CDL. To be sure you qualify and to know the fee, contact your local DMV or Secretary of State’s office.

How you can benefit from a tanker endorsement

Having a tanker endorsement can open up many job opportunities for truckers, especially in the bulk freight industry. This certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to transport hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

In addition to increased job opportunities, having a tanker endorsement can also lead to higher pay. Companies often pay more for jobs that require special certifications or endorsements due to the level of responsibility and risk involved. Therefore, adding a tanker endorsement to your CDL can greatly enhance your earning potential as a truck driver.

Finally, having a tanker endorsement shows that you are dedicated to continuously improving your skills and qualifications within the industry. This type of commitment and dedication is highly valued by employers and can lead to better job security and career advancement opportunities.

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