Truckers Beware: Spooky Stories From The Road

Friday, October 29th, 2021
creepy deserted road with trees on the side

Almost everyone has a scary story to tell. For truck drivers, many of those stories come from their time spent on the road. From haunted truck stops to creepy highways, there are a lot of places that might make even the most seasoned truck drivers jumpy. Here are some of the spookiest stories, urban legends, and myths from truck drivers around the country.

A haunted truck stop

The Tri-County Truck Stop in Villa Ridge, MO, is found on Route 66, and although it is abandoned, many say it is inhabited by ghosts. Paranormal investigators from the Syfy channel have even visited the site and deemed it haunted. They claimed that many strange occurrences happened during their stay, including the appearance of an apparition wearing a red flannel shirt. When one of the team shut a door, something tried to open it.

dark haunted looking room with man holding flashlight at camera

Other creepy things happened at the truck stop. A light bulb was thrown at investigators and a coffee pot fell to the ground for no apparent reason. The investigators even caught a blue phosphorescence on camera that seemed like a presence. Whether you believe these stories or not, one thing is for sure: you won’t be able to get fuel here, but you could scare up a good tale.

The ghost of a truck

This is a scary story with an unknown origin. The tale says that a businessman was on his way home from a trip. It was late, dark, and foggy but as he drove, he noticed a trucker examining one of the wheels on his truck. He stopped and asked if the man needed help, but the man got back in his truck and drove away. Further down the road, this set of events repeated. The trucker never responded to the man, who arrived home wondering what had happened.

A bat-man

There’s no crime-fighting in this story, only a large dent in a truck and the creeps. One night, while on a nightly delivery route, a trucker saw something large flying at him. He ducked down to avoid physical damage from a broken windshield, but only heard a thud.

He quickly pulled over to see what he had hit and found a man-sized creature on the ground. It hopped up on two legs and then flew away. It wasn’t until the driver was able to stop at a gas station that he saw the damage to his truck; a dent shaped like bat wings six feet wide.

The urban legend of a disappearing hitchhiker

There are many versions of this tale, but they are all similar. The story goes that a kind trucker picked up a hitchhiker late at night, miles out in the middle of nowhere. The passenger was quiet but nice and the two enjoy a short conversation. Once the trucker arrived at the hitchhiker’s destination, he looked over and the person was gone.

Cemetery troubles

black and white image of a graveyard

There are many urban legends and stories that warn against parking near cemeteries. This is common no matter what country you’re in. Here is just one story.

A trucker was scheduled to stop for sleep and pulled over a couple of miles past a cemetery, so he pulled over on the side of the road. He was awoken by extremely loud banging on the truck that shook the entire cab. The driver looked out of the windows and mirrors but saw no one. When he got out of the vehicle, no one was around the truck, there were no cars, and there were also no footprints left anywhere nearby.

The shadow creatures that warn truck drivers to sleep

This seems nice, right? Well, whether the shadow people are a warning or just a sign created by the brain that truckers need sleep, the story is still creepy. One trucker says that he was driving down the I-77 highway near Charlotte, North Carolina when he saw what appeared to be a homeless man by the onramp. As he drove closer, he could see that the person had matte black skin and features. Frightened, he pulled over, but when he turned to look back, there was no one there.

Another example of this type of story is the commonly known “black dog.” This urban legend says that the black dog is a warning that danger is near and that the trucker should pull over. It is most often seen running in front of the truck, starling drivers into a wakeful state. It is said that the dog is the ghost of a pet owned by a truck driver that died after falling asleep at the wheel.

Safe driving

A lesson that could be taken from these stories is that truck drivers should always practice safe driving habits. Getting enough sleep is vital to protecting yourself and others on the road. This spooky season, remember to be aware of your surroundings and get enough rest!

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