The Trucker Lifestyle Explained

Monday, July 11th, 2022

Trucking is often described as an interesting job. Some truckers know they want to spend their careers traveling across the country, while others simply join a local company because it pays well. Every trucker knows their lifestyle is different and here are just a few reasons why it’s so unique!

Alone time and autonomy

Many people prefer to work on their own rather than on a team. Of course, most people have to work with others at some point, but a large portion of a trucker’s work is done alone. Truck drivers must plan routes, perform safety inspections, make decisions on their own, and handle chores like eating healthy and doing laundry. Many truckers thrive in their industry because they appreciate independence, as well as the efficiency their job requires.

Along with the alone time comes time to think. Truckers have a lot of privacy. Some drivers like the quiet because it gives them space to work through their thoughts, whether they are work-related or personal.

Your space is your own

So many in the workforce don’t get to have a space of their own. You don’t just have to work in an office to get that! Truckers usually get to decorate their cabs and make their space comfortable for them because it is their home away from home. There are a lot of customized products and specialty items made just for truckers, too. Pro tip: If you’re one of those “hard-to-shop-for” people, look for items like these to add to your wishlist.

There are a lot of benefits

We don’t just mean benefits truckers get from their employers! Truckers can participate in loyalty and rewards programs at truck stops, restaurants, and other establishments across the country. In most cases, these programs let drivers accumulate points that can be spent on products, food, and even showers.

There’s a lot to see and enjoy

Truckers that travel longer distances have the chance to see a lot of places and interesting things! When schedules permit, they can stop by national or state parks, museums, historic sites, concerts, and so much more. Truck drivers with families can use this as an opportunity to scout out vacation spots or find cool souvenirs and gifts.

Safety is the most important

Everyone who drives should focus on safety, but it is especially vital that truckers do so. Defensive driving helps truckers keep an eye out for various dangers on the road, as well as keep them aware of their own vehicles. Most truckers know that arriving a few minutes early (or even on time in dangerous conditions) is not worth the safety of others.

There are some downsides to the trucker lifestyle

As with any career, there are some things that people may see as negatives. Truckers can spend a lot of time away from home depending on their routes. They can also end up not having the healthiest of diets, though there are many cooking equipment options available for truck cabs. Also, people who do not enjoy driving won’t like their jobs as much as truckers who do.

Looking for truck driving jobs?

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