Gifts For Truck Drivers: A Guide To Help You Choose Only The Best

Monday, November 22nd, 2021
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Because transportation jobs are a lifestyle, not just a career, it is important to get the right gifts for the trucker in your life. Practical gifts are usually your best bet, although you can still get them something thoughtful, or even something for their time spent at home. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best gifts, whether you are family or a friend of a trucker.

Practical gifts

When you go with a useful gift, you know that the recipient will likely be happy. This is the easiest route to choose when buying gifts for truckers because they often don’t have room for things they can’t use. For example, you could get them a framed family portrait, which would be thoughtful. But, they may not have anywhere to put it in their truck. The following are some common gifts that are useful, easy to store, and thoughtful.

Portable safes

Unfortunately, truckers sometimes run into trouble during their jobs. They aren’t always in their trucks. If they need to go into a truck stop to shower or eat, for example, they could experience a robbery. By giving them a safe, they can have confidence that their items will not be stolen. Look for options that can be attached in the truck with bolts or a distraction safe that looks like another object.

Seat cushions

This is a no-brainer type of gift! Truck drivers spend so much time on the road, they could easily use a special cushion. A gel seat is a good option as long as you find one that is both comfortable and durable. You can also choose a cushion that helps with ailments like tailbone pain, sciatic nerve pain, pressure sores, and even poor posture.

Sleeping gear

When you think about a good night’s sleep, the idea of laying down in a semi-truck cab doesn’t fit the image. But, truckers across the country do this every night. The key is to have a comfortable bed!

  • Start with a good mattress. There are plenty of options available, including some that roll up for easy storage and some that are made of high-quality memory foam.
  • Next, consider pillows. Most people have a preference for these and some have neck or back conditions that require specific pillows. If you aren’t sure which pillow would be the best option, consider a memory foam pillow or one that helps keep the sleeper cool.
  • Finally, think about blankets. Truckers may have different needs depending on the season, so be sure to look for something that won’t be too hot or too cold. See if you can find a good option for both cool and warm climates. That way, they can have something no matter where they are! Tip: If they have a favorite blanket from home, buy another one so they can have it on the road too!


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of sunglasses! Just make sure you know the styles that the trucker likes. If they care more about protecting their eyes, look for a solid pair of polarized sunglasses to help block glare and brightness.


Space is limited in trucks, so it is important for drivers to stay organized. If you aren’t sure what the cab looks like for the truck driver you are shopping for, a durable and spacious seat-mounted organizer is a good choice. This type of product is easy to find online and should fit in most vehicles. There are also various types of boxes, bags, and shelving that could work in the cab of a truck.

Portable cooking equipment

Many truckers understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet but struggle when they are away from home. This is where portable cooking equipment can help. There is a surprisingly large amount of appliances available like slow cookers, grills, griddles, skillets, and even refrigerators/freezers. There are also utensils and cookware that you can give alongside a piece of equipment.


A lot of truckers like reading because it is an easy pastime on the road. Books can be easily picked up and sat down, but they are hard to store if a driver is short on space. Audiobooks and tablets can help with this issue. Another popular form of entertainment is movies. There are many portable DVD and Blu-ray players available in stores and online. Laptops paired with a wireless hotspot can be a great choice, too, because truckers can stream movies.

Thoughtful gifts

You don’t have to stick with useful gifts for the trucker in your life. This is especially true if you are a close friend or family member, as more thoughtful gifts can sometimes feel more special.

Custom items

You can show your trucker that you truly know them by customizing a gift for them! This type of present is extremely popular, so you are sure to find the perfect item to make their own. For example, you could get a keychain with a family picture, a wood sign with their truck, customized mudflaps, or a jacket with their name.


Not everyone enjoys journaling, but for those that do, it can be a great opportunity to share their thoughts. There are so many types available including gratitude and guided journals. If you can, find something that allows your trucker to not only write down their thoughts and experiences but gives them room to include pictures. When they are at home, they can share these pictures with you too.

Emergency supplies

This sounds like a boring gift, but it can actually be very helpful and will show you care. Consider getting a first-aid kit as a gift, as these can get pretty pricey. You can also create your own kit with things like emergency urinals, work gloves, quick-dry towels, batteries, and cold weather gear. Just make sure that the items you choose will fit in their truck.

Care packages

This is perhaps one of the easiest gifts you can give to a truck driver! It can include things like snacks, drinks, crossword puzzles, socks, gift cards, a multitool, a new wallet, and more. You can also make scrapbooks and family picture albums to include in the care package.

Gifts for time spent at home

Truckers don’t just spend their lives on the road; they spend a lot of time at home too. You don’t have to make all your gifts to your trucker for their job. Here are some good options for presents they can enjoy while they aren’t working.

  1. Their favorite meal: Everyone loves comfort food, so what better way to show your love than by cooking your trucker’s favorite meal?
  2. Video games: If the truck in your life enjoys video games, get them some new games or even a new system. They will appreciate having some time to themselves or with friends.
  3. Scratch-off map: This is a fun idea for those who travel across the United States regularly. Once your trucker gets home, they can scratch the state off that they went to.
  4. Projects/hobbies: If your trucker has a hobby, make sure that they can do it once they have time off work. You could get them new materials to do their favorite craft or hobby, for example.

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