6 Famous Women in the Trucking Truckers To Remember!

Monday, March 4th, 2024
women trucker smiling

Though female truckers are the minority on the roads, they still play a vital role within the industry. Here at Kimrad, we partner with Women in Trucking because we know just how important every current and potential team member is to our operations. We want to celebrate women for everything they can do, which is why we’ve featured some of the most influential and famous truckers in history.

1. Luella Bates

Luella Bates was the first female truck driver in history. She made a name for herself by breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes. She started her career as an elementary school teacher but left to work in a factory during World War I, as many women at the time did. Luella was most famous for test-driving Model B trucks, but she was also a skilled mechanic and truck inspector.

2. Lillie Elizabeth McGee Drennan

Lillie Elizabeth McGee Drennan is known as the first female truck driver in Texas. Despite facing discrimination and being denied a license because of her gender, Lillie persisted and eventually became a successful business owner. She ran her own business, Drennan Truck Line, for 24 years and was known for her unparalleled safety record.

3. Adriesue “Bitsy” Gomez

Adriesue “Bitsy” Gomez was a pioneer in the trucking industry and paved the way for many female truckers to come. She started her career as a secretary at a trucking company but soon moved up the ranks to become one of the first female dispatchers, then later became one of the first female owner-operators. She also co-founded the Coalition of Women Truck Drivers, which started as a 150-member organization that fought for basic rights like women’s restrooms at truck stops.

4. Kitty Liang

Kitty Liang, originally from China, became a U.S. citizen in 2007. After receiving her Master’s degree at Harvard University, She became a trucker for Schneider so she could see the country. Kitty is an advocate for women in trucking and encourages others to follow their dreams, regardless of gender stereotypes.

5. Sharon She So Fabulous

Like many people today, living the life of an influencer is just an added bonus to a thriving career. In her free time, she is well-known on YouTube for her home decor and interior decorating videos. Sharon grew up with a father in trucking, so she was familiar with the industry from a young age. Today, she is retired from truck driving but remains an inspiration to women around the country.

6. Jay Rich Live

Jay Rich is a well-known female trucker on YouTube with over 62,000 subscribers. She shares her experiences and gives advice to other female truckers on how to succeed in the industry. Jay started as a driver but now runs her own successful business. She also uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues like mental health and self-care for truck drivers.

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