5 Of The BEST Truck Driver Benefits

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023
red Kimrad Transport truck on road

When most people think about truck driving, the open road and cool trucks come to mind. It’s true that trucking lets drivers see a lot of beautiful places and drive great vehicles, but these aren’t the only benefits of this career. Here are five of the best benefits truckers can get!

1. The salary is awesome

The typical base rate for truck drivers is around $50,000, but drivers with even a year or two of experience can often make significantly more. Keep in mind that the actual salary truckers make depends on which company they work for, their experience, special licenses, and route length. Many companies offer bonuses or incentives to drive more safely and reliably. Here at Kimrad Transport, our drivers can make up to $100k a year and we offer bonuses!

2. Truckers get great insurance

If you work for the right trucking company, you will be able to have trust in their insurance benefits. This includes vision, dental, and medical insurance. Along with these come other benefits like health savings plans, supplementary coverage, retirement, and more.

3. Truck drivers have job security

The past few years have been chaotic for many industries, with job losses continuing to happen to this day. But, truck drivers are ALWAYS needed to transport the products businesses and individuals use every day, which means that job security will not go away. In fact, trucking companies are one of the best places to work because they need trustworthy drivers to stay. This means they will offer competitive pay.

4. Truckers make a difference

Trucking isn’t glamorous, but most careers where people help others aren’t. In a broad sense, truckers keep this country running because they transport food, oil, materials, clothing, and so much more. In a more specific way, truckers help small businesses stay afloat, which helps people feed their families. Some truckers move things for the healthcare industry, which ensures people who need treatments can get them in a timely manner. At Kimrad, our drivers move a variety of materials that support a wide range of industries across the country and we are grateful to have them!

5. There is a lot of freedom in truck driving

Truck drivers often get to choose their own schedules, especially if they do not work on a fixed route. This allows for a wider range of freedom for personal time too and is a perfect career for people who don’t like to sit in an office all day. More experienced drivers know that they can plan to add some fun things along their route if the time allows for it and still provide great service!

Looking for a move in your trucking career?

At Kimrad Transport, we offer the best pay and the most family-driven environment in our industry! We have multiple locations to help keep drivers closer to home and better serve our customers across the country. If you are interested in Applying for a position, call us at 1-833-4KIMRAD (1-833-454-6723) or Contact Us by email today.