3 Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs (And Their Perks)

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023
Blue semi-truck with blue sky in background

There are many types of truckers out there. Trucking companies choose to hire some but not others for various reasons. It is good to know the details of whichever type of driver you are, especially if you are seeking a different working environment.

1. Owner-operators

Owner-operators own their own truck and sometimes own multiple trucks (or a company themselves). They can choose their own freight (as long as they have the credentials), routes, and even income. If they don’t want to handle management and licensing, they can always lease with a company. There is a lot of freedom that comes with being an owner-operator!

That being said, there is often more responsibility than benefits. For example, many owner-operators are considered self-contractors, which means taxes, health insurance, and other factors fall on them. Management duties can include finding freight opportunities, handling billing, hiring others, and actually delivering loads. Not only are their duties that must be done, but all expenses must be covered as well.

2. Independent contractor truck driver

As mentioned above, some truckers are independent contractors, not owner-operators that own and run a company. These freelancers can choose their owners, rates, cargo, and routes or work on a contract for more structure. All maintenance, gas, amenities, taxes, and insurance must be paid for out of pocket, but for some, this isn’t an issue.

3. Company truck drivers

Company drivers have a lot less responsibility, but some would say not as much freedom. For example, they can’t take vacations the same way freelance drivers do. They transport cargo assigned to them using a vehicle that is most likely owned by the company. Sometimes owner-operators can be hired by companies as employees too. Here are some of the best benefits of driving for a company.

  • You don’t have to pay for maintenance, gas, or insurance.
  • There’s still freedom on the road as a company tucker!
  • There is job stability because truckers are ALWAYS needed.
  • You will likely get bonuses.
  • If you find the right company to work for, they will be like a second family.
  • The salary is often better and you likely won’t have to pay for training and other expenses.

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